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BlueChip Safety delivers and supports organisations with a full A to Z portfolio of health and safety services, such as training, individual policies, procedures and management strategies to full implementation and transition.

We specialise in all types and levels of health and safety training and work with you to development your Training and Development plans. Our aim is to change behaviours and measure the value within the workplace.

We work with organisations to fit in with your needs to get you where you should be, to help the business thrive and develop. Our consultants, have wide industry experience, not only in the health and safety area but in the business and management . Health and safety is not stand alone and is business critical and we will help you ‘Unleash the Value of Safety Management.’

We are with you every step of the way, your success is our success. We can show you the difference good health & safety management makes.

We look forward to working with you.

Nigel Bromley MSc, CFIOSH, FInstLM

Nigel became involved with BlueChip Safety as a Director, having worked in the health and safety arena for some 25 years. Now, his focus is very much about helping businesses realise the value of health and safety through coaching and training. In Nigel’s own words he describes his vision:

” BlueChip Safety does not just want to get involved with ‘Safety’ but to realise the full business benefits that truly managing H&S can bring. My stance is for health and safety professionals to make a business difference, they must understand and talk the same language as business leaders to convince them the benefits, in order for action to be taken and sustained.

Initially, after coming from an engineering background I was District Safety Adviser for all levels of management within British Telecomm, moving to Manager, Safety Policy & Strategy in London. I worked closely with senior managers and board members to integrate safety into the business bloodstream and facilitate synergies wherever possible.

I moved to Accenture HR Services, as Manager, Safety Consultancy with an additional Business Development remit and engaged with blue chip companies, working on (bids/tenders/presentations/outsourcing/transitioning) to deliver the required level of H&S Service and honed my business understanding skills.

Although, I am a health and safety professional, I see a key skill as ‘selling’ the benefits, in order to add real value to the business. Safety is business critical! “

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Roland Scroggs

Kingspan Environmental Limited

I have personally found him (Nigel) to be knowledgeable and reliable. His performances have been such that I have taken much from his content and style of delivery to enable me to produce and deliver training and discussion, at a lower level, for our own purposes.

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